About us

Different approaches, same goal

We push politicians and authorities, deal with companies and help households. We could not achieve our results without the support of thousands of people like you. We are constantly looking for new ways, we learn from our mistakes, and we base our work on expertise.  Thanks to this, we can vigorously and effectively fulfill our common vision.

We strive for a free and democratic society that respects and protects nature and provides a clean and healthy environment for life. The society, in which we want to live, must also create a space for active participation of citizens in the administration of public affairs, give significant role to municipalities and regions, while respecting its foundation in European society. A society that should be socially sensitive, peaceful, capable of critical reflection and bearing its share of global co-responsibility.

We have results

Our work has been producing concrete results since 1989. Few examples from the recent past:

  • We protect wildlife. Thanks to our tireless work and the involvement of tens of thousands of people, we managed to save the Šumava National Park and motivate the legislators to adopt an amendment to the Nature Conservation Act that better protects the wild nature in our national parks.
  • We have prevented a non-ecological and unjust reform of electricity payments. Not only would it affect low-income households, it would also penalize all those who want to save energy from the grid - either by purchasing energy-saving appliances or by producing own electricity.
  • We have repeatedly helped save North Bohemian villages from coal mine excavators. The government eventually decided to support the development of "coal" regions towards a modern economy and a better environment.
  • Hundreds of people have already graduated and everyday use the skills they have acquired at our School of Citizens Initiative. They have become volunteers or created organizations and initiatives that help in their respected communities.
  • We run a web platform Farmers directory, which have linked thousands of customers with local farmers who offer fresh local food. 
  • Since 1995, we have been protecting precious large carnivores in the Czech Republic, mainly due to the hard work of our local group Hnutí DUHA Olomouc. We protect large carnivores from poachers, help livestock breeders to secure their cattle, monitor the movement and bring unique visual material from the private live of lynx lynx and wolves, as well as valuable scientific data for further research.

We have support of tens of thousands people

Our work is supported by tens of thousands of people who sign our petitions. More than 6000 donors regularly send us small and high financial contributions - according to their financial possibilities. Hundreds of well-known personalities, major politicians and top scientists stand by our side. Leading companies are also involved in our initiatives and campaigns.

Join us too - together we can do more

Another means of gaining revenue is from our Charity shop that offers textiles made from organic cotton, products made of FSC certified wood or thematic books. We are also supported by foundations where we successfully win calls for projects with our concrete and meaningful projects.

We are independent 

Hnutí DUHA - Friends of the Earth Czech Republic strictly rejects funds from sources that might in any way restrict our independence or be in conflict with our goals. We do not accept donations from large industrial companies, or from the eventual competitors of companies that we criticize. We respect strict rules that will allow us to maintain the independence and credibility. That's why we signed up to the Code of ethics of environmental organizations. Our work is governed by Code of statutes.